“Edith Tankus plays the loving mother with humour and tenderness”

Kneehigh’s Hansel and Gretel - A Younger Theatre

“Edith Tankus persuades us to rise to our feet to sing the Canadian national anthem, which seems perfectly logical at the time.” 

Hansel and Gretel - The Guardian

“Everyone in the cast is enchanting but I particularly liked Edith Tankus' no-nonsense, dreadlocked Rapunzel…who gives a crowd-pleasing comic turn.”

Kneehigh’s Rapunzel - The Guardian

“The cast consists of some Kneehigh regulars with a few newcomers to the company. Edith Tankus, one of the new members, is excellent as Rapunzel”

British Theatre Guide

“A feisty Edith Tankus… is most appealing as the outspoken, self-reliant character at its center.”

The New York Times


“The spot-on directorial skills of Edith Tankus create a character and a performance that viewers will not soon forget.” 

Nearly Lear - Triangle Arts & Entertainment

“It’s a frisky, funny, vaudevillian gloss on a great play and could certainly serve as a tantalizing introduction to the lifelong pleasures of seeing and reading Shakespeare, This is the formidable task that actress Susanna Hamnett and director Edith Tankus have set for themselves and accomplish with surprising brio and humour.”

Nearly Lear - The New York Times 

“An absolutely brilliant and perfectly orchestrated piece of one woman theatre Not yet, At All is both funny and dark an there is something here that words cannot touch.” 

Not Yet, At All - Edmonton VUE Weekly