Hurricane Gerty

Award-winning actress and clown Edith Tankus has charmed audiences across North America with her superbly comic performances as “Hurricane Gerty”. From her dreamy entrance to her gutsy grand finale, Gerty doles out ukulele arias, off the wall puppetry, charismatic crowd-control and stupendous feats of spontaneous mirth, all served up with a dollop of European charm to create a singularly unforgettable theatrical event. Life will never be the same.

“Hurricane Gerty was one of the funniest productions we have ever seen in a school. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. It was so simple yet somehow magical. Thank you for coming to our school and capturing the attention and the imaginations of our two hundred children.

Lauralee Edgell  Principal, Eighth Avenue Elementary, Port Alberni, B.C.


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