About me

After training and working for years as a theatre performer in Canada and the U.S., Edith then moved to Paris to study at L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq and with Phillipe Gaulier.  In recent years she has worked with U.K. companies, Told by an Idiot and toured extensively with Kneehigh Theatre playing in Hansel and Gretel , Warwick Arts Center and Southbank and starring in Rapunzel,  Queen Elizabeth Hall, U.K. tour and on Broadway.  She was part of London’s first One Festival at Battersea Arts Center and has been commissioned to work as artist in residence for BAC on several projects.  Through her residencies, or as part of outreach programs, Edith has lead workshops in schools and theatres exploring physical theatre, devising, Shakespeare and clown.  As a director and co-writer, her production of Nearly Lear, a one-woman adaptation of King Lear, has been performed on Broadway at the Kennedy Center in Washington, and at the Sydney Opera House as well as touring in the U.S. and in the U.K.

Nearly Lear is the recipient of the 2012 International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) Victor Award for Outstanding Production.


I offer different workshops for a cross section of people.

Student workshops

I offer clown and physical theatre workshops in schools usually accompanied by a performance of ‘Hurricane Gerty’.

Physical Theatre – short or long courses

Through a fun and relaxed atmosphere students are encouraged to work as a team and to explore the discipline and delight of physical theatre.

I want to engage their imaginations and instil a sense of pride and confidence in themselves and in their ability create. Exploring space, rhythm and timing with the body, investigating character and utilising the simple power of observation, students will engage in a dynamic experiential approach to theatre and learning.

This approach can coincide with their school based curriculum and explore how they might access theatrical and non-theatrical literature based texts, including poems, short stories or folk tales.

I offer short term,  1-2 week sessions or a more in depth ongoing artist in residences, where I work with a select group of students over a period of 6 weeks or so to explore and develop existing texts or devise something original based on a theme the students are exploring or the curriculum demands.

Clown workshop

Explore your clown and discover your own unique sense of humour. What makes you ridiculous, loveable and compelling. The clown is you unmasked. Your idiosyncratic, ridiculous, vulnerable, contrary you.

Through improvisation and games enter the world of play and discover how to have immediate contact with your audience, how to expose the ridiculous in yourself and how to become a channel for the unexpected. Explore the vocabulary of the clown, understand why something is funny or not and learn how to follow an impulse to its fullest.

An innate musicality will emerge when the thought and desire of the clown is revealed and vulnerability is uncovered.


Nearly LearNearly Lear is Edith Tankus’ directorial debut.  She co-wrote it with one of Canada’s finest theatrical performers, Susanna Hamnett. Together they created an emotional roller-coaster ride that has entranced both lovers of Shakespeare as well as newcomers to the Bard from Vancouver Island to Aberdeen, and from Broadway to the Sydney Opera House.

Upending expectations of what a Shakespeare play should be, nearly lear is a spirited re-telling of King Lear. Using music, film and Shakespeare’s rich poetic text , this play takes the audience firmly into the heart of this great story with breathtaking hilarity and heartache.

Directed by Edith Tankus, co created  by Susanna Hamnett -with initial development in association Kneehigh Theatre- this dynamic one-woman show is an exuberant and unexpected blend of tragedy and humour.

‘A mighty theatrical force. More wit, mischief, and sheer playfulness than you can legally pack into 80 minutes of live theatre!’

Roddy Phillips Aberdeen Press and Journal